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Start-Up Blues: How Do You Find Wholesalers?

Wholesalers are an important part of business, and this is especially true for start-ups because the decisions they make now, will help to carve the future path. However, as many of you have probably found, finding these wholesalers can be a tricky task.

Yep, you might find one or two in your local yellow pages (and if you’re surprised that the Yellow Pages is still going, you’re not alone. We had one arrive through the door last week and were positively shocked! What a waste of paper!), but for a modern business, that’s really not going to be good enough. The best wholesalers are a little harder to find than that, unfortunately.

Even the internet is a difficult place to find wholesalers. They seem to hide out. It’s easy for new businesses to assume that this is because of some kind of industry secret or some old-boys network keeping only those in the know in the loop.

Fortunately, that’s not the reason at all. Instead, they just have a bit of an out-dated approach. The reason that they still use this approach is simple: it still works. Why fix something that isn’t broken? That’s exactly their mentality.

The most successful wholesalers create long and lasting relationships with their customers. For this reason, a huge proportion of their work is taken up in face-to-face encounters. They don’t want to spend a lot of money on their internet presence because they're focussing on this face-to-face business. That’s why they’re hard to find – they aren’t as online as they should be.

A lot of their business operates via networking. They are attending events; they are talking to people in the local area or the specific industry network. This is where you need to get your foot in. you knock on their door, because they don’t know where you are.

Gaining the information needed to understand which door you should be knocking on is the hard part, and it takes time to work out. Sure, you might be able to find wholesale prom dresses with a quick google search, but you won’t find the best dresses without a little effort in getting to know the wholesalers.


It can be incredibly frustrating, because it’s very difficult to shop around. If you find it a chore finding one retailer, imagine how difficult it will be to find three or four, and you must find three or four in order to get the best deals. How can you negotiate properly without the leverage of having multiple choices? You can’t.

Fortunately, things are starting to turn around now, and as the old ways of industry are crumbling, we are seeing an adoption by the wholesale industry of new technology, like the internet – and hey, it’s new to them!

In the meantime, to find wholesale suppliers, look for industry-relevant networking events. Look for networking events in your local area. Speak to as many people as you can. Eventually, it will lead to the right door. Good luck!

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The Advantages Of Wearing A Dress

When you look around you it seems that the majority of women prefer to wear trousers rather than a dress.

It appears that trousers are just more comfortable, but a small survey has uncovered that the dress wearing public finds dresses more practical and easier to wear.


If you are a wholesale casual dresses buyer, it may be interesting to ask female clientele the same question.

One thing is for sure, women who wear dresses look much more feminine that the ones that never do.


So, what are the advantages of wearing a dress? First and foremost dresses are super cool to wear in the summer months. This could be a point to push if your customers are considering what to buy for their summer wardrobe.


Funnily enough, the longer styles such as a maxi dress will be much warmer than trousers in the winter months as woolly tights and boots can be worn with them or even an extra pair of leotards.


Slacks are all very well, but it is much more difficult to find a pair that fit properly than a dress. With so many styles to choose from there is sure to be a garment amongst them to fit all body shapes. This will allow body flaws to be covered up.


Another point is that trousers are limited fashion wise. Different tops can be worn with them, but wearing them every day is so boring. What has happened to femininity?

There are not many disadvantages, apart that ladies with chunkier thighs may not like the rubbing feeling when the upper legs chafe together. This can always be prevented by wearing knickers with legs that reach to mid-thigh.


It would be fun to persuade customers to start wearing dresses and the above advantages can be put to them.



Buying wholesale casual dresses on line makes it easier for women to buy that something special to wear at reasonable prices. Online shopping has become very popular. Not all of us want to try something on in a communal changing room in a shop.

Buying Trade Or Wholesale

If you own a shop selling clothing then you’ll have or will be looking for a wholesale supplier. Better still is the supplier that designs their own clothing often based on the very latest up-market fashions.


Such a supplier will almost certainly be buying from a textile mill the raw material. So if you look at the chain of events for any fashion it starts with the textile mill buying the raw material that obviously in the case of the most common and comfortable material is still regarded as cotton.


Anyone around in the sixties will remember that for a very short period of a couple of years adverts all over the place were extolling the wonder of the new material nylon. This man-made material was going to replace all cotton products and not just shirts.


Bed sheets were made from nylon as were the shirts and it quickly became clear to all those succoured into buying this material that there was one big draw back. It was when the summers arrived and it suddenly dawned that this was a material that didn’t breathe.


Thank goodness we all went back to cotton that just reinforces the fact that natural materials that have been around for thousands of years, just like leather and wool, are still the best.


Retailers buy wholesale shirts and the majority are made of cotton. Of course other materials are available but cotton for both man and women’s shirts still predominates the market.


Some cuts and styles demand a mixture of cotton and a little man-made fibre to retain a certain look. And a good colour fastness usually means a slightly more expensive mixture.


Fancier shirts may have some extra trim of an altogether different material such as silk. And there again, silk is natural as well as being one of the finest weaves around.


When you want to buy the finest bespoke shoes or boots they will always be leather. Just as leather is the preferred material for the upholstery of up-market cars.

Tips on finding the right plus size clothes

Most top fashion brands have been creating trendy clothes suited for tall and slender women, but now things have begun to look up for these who do not fit the stereotype. The fact is that most women across the world do not have toned bodies like the supermodels photographs we see plastered on billboards and TV. That does not mean that other more well-endowed women do not have an opportunity to look drop dead gorgeous. For example, as per a report in 2014, more than half of the women in the UK need to shop for plus size clothes. As a consequence there is an increase in the number of retailers, who now offer fashionable plus size clothing both offline and online.


The purpose of dressing is to make a statement:


The advent of online shopping has made it very convenient to find trendy plus size outfits in the market. The benefit of shopping online is that shoppers are provided a greater variety of plus size clothes at the click of a button. With many top online retailers, including City Goddess offering the best of wholesale plus size clothing like the Goddiva Plus brand, it cannot be easier to find a dress that suits your body and style. Besides saving time another benefit of online shopping is that retailers offer terrific discounts and special deals.


A few basic tips for those who wear plus size dresses:


Select clothes that fit the body well. A common mistake that most women commit when buying plus size dresses is that they buy clothes that are too loose. You may need to wear a plus size - however you do not need to opt for baggy dresses that make you look even larger. Rather focus on the designs and patterns. One colour that is effective in giving a slimmer appearance is black plus size clothing. Also steer clear of fabrics that are heavily textured and have ruffles. Alternately opt for vertical stripes that make one appear slimmer. And most important of all whatever you decide to select you should feel comfortable having it on. The new designs and patterns of plus size clothing is at par with the best of brands and clothes for regular sizes. Above all your personality is what defines you!


Another area to focus on is choosing the right fashion accessories like bags and jewellery. Opt for accessories that are medium in size. One of the most effective ways to look your best is to select simple but elegant jewellery, nothing that is too over-the-top or sparkly. Jewellery complements your appearance so focus on selecting jewellery that will highlight your best natural assets. E.g. If you have stunning blue eyes try to match it to a piece of jewellery that has blues stones. Another trick to enhance your look is to select beautiful scarves. In winter and fall you could choose to wear a rich cashmere scarf, whereas in summer choose to go with silk scarves. Simple but classy is what makes the difference.

If you are a curvy diva it is time to choose plus size clothes that define your own style quotient. With trendy clothes for plus sized women available online, it is time you turned on the heat!