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Buying Trade Or Wholesale

If you own a shop selling clothing then you’ll have or will be looking for a wholesale supplier. Better still is the supplier that designs their own clothing often based on the very latest up-market fashions.


Such a supplier will almost certainly be buying from a textile mill the raw material. So if you look at the chain of events for any fashion it starts with the textile mill buying the raw material that obviously in the case of the most common and comfortable material is still regarded as cotton.


Anyone around in the sixties will remember that for a very short period of a couple of years adverts all over the place were extolling the wonder of the new material nylon. This man-made material was going to replace all cotton products and not just shirts.


Bed sheets were made from nylon as were the shirts and it quickly became clear to all those succoured into buying this material that there was one big draw back. It was when the summers arrived and it suddenly dawned that this was a material that didn’t breathe.


Thank goodness we all went back to cotton that just reinforces the fact that natural materials that have been around for thousands of years, just like leather and wool, are still the best.


Retailers buy wholesale shirts and the majority are made of cotton. Of course other materials are available but cotton for both man and women’s shirts still predominates the market.


Some cuts and styles demand a mixture of cotton and a little man-made fibre to retain a certain look. And a good colour fastness usually means a slightly more expensive mixture.


Fancier shirts may have some extra trim of an altogether different material such as silk. And there again, silk is natural as well as being one of the finest weaves around.


When you want to buy the finest bespoke shoes or boots they will always be leather. Just as leather is the preferred material for the upholstery of up-market cars.