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The Advantages Of Wearing A Dress

When you look around you it seems that the majority of women prefer to wear trousers rather than a dress.

It appears that trousers are just more comfortable, but a small survey has uncovered that the dress wearing public finds dresses more practical and easier to wear.


If you are a wholesale casual dresses buyer, it may be interesting to ask female clientele the same question.

One thing is for sure, women who wear dresses look much more feminine that the ones that never do.


So, what are the advantages of wearing a dress? First and foremost dresses are super cool to wear in the summer months. This could be a point to push if your customers are considering what to buy for their summer wardrobe.


Funnily enough, the longer styles such as a maxi dress will be much warmer than trousers in the winter months as woolly tights and boots can be worn with them or even an extra pair of leotards.


Slacks are all very well, but it is much more difficult to find a pair that fit properly than a dress. With so many styles to choose from there is sure to be a garment amongst them to fit all body shapes. This will allow body flaws to be covered up.


Another point is that trousers are limited fashion wise. Different tops can be worn with them, but wearing them every day is so boring. What has happened to femininity?

There are not many disadvantages, apart that ladies with chunkier thighs may not like the rubbing feeling when the upper legs chafe together. This can always be prevented by wearing knickers with legs that reach to mid-thigh.


It would be fun to persuade customers to start wearing dresses and the above advantages can be put to them.



Buying wholesale casual dresses on line makes it easier for women to buy that something special to wear at reasonable prices. Online shopping has become very popular. Not all of us want to try something on in a communal changing room in a shop.