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Start-Up Blues: How Do You Find Wholesalers?

Wholesalers are an important part of business, and this is especially true for start-ups because the decisions they make now, will help to carve the future path. However, as many of you have probably found, finding these wholesalers can be a tricky task.

Yep, you might find one or two in your local yellow pages (and if you’re surprised that the Yellow Pages is still going, you’re not alone. We had one arrive through the door last week and were positively shocked! What a waste of paper!), but for a modern business, that’s really not going to be good enough. The best wholesalers are a little harder to find than that, unfortunately.

Even the internet is a difficult place to find wholesalers. They seem to hide out. It’s easy for new businesses to assume that this is because of some kind of industry secret or some old-boys network keeping only those in the know in the loop.

Fortunately, that’s not the reason at all. Instead, they just have a bit of an out-dated approach. The reason that they still use this approach is simple: it still works. Why fix something that isn’t broken? That’s exactly their mentality.

The most successful wholesalers create long and lasting relationships with their customers. For this reason, a huge proportion of their work is taken up in face-to-face encounters. They don’t want to spend a lot of money on their internet presence because they're focussing on this face-to-face business. That’s why they’re hard to find – they aren’t as online as they should be.

A lot of their business operates via networking. They are attending events; they are talking to people in the local area or the specific industry network. This is where you need to get your foot in. you knock on their door, because they don’t know where you are.

Gaining the information needed to understand which door you should be knocking on is the hard part, and it takes time to work out. Sure, you might be able to find wholesale prom dresses with a quick google search, but you won’t find the best dresses without a little effort in getting to know the wholesalers.


It can be incredibly frustrating, because it’s very difficult to shop around. If you find it a chore finding one retailer, imagine how difficult it will be to find three or four, and you must find three or four in order to get the best deals. How can you negotiate properly without the leverage of having multiple choices? You can’t.

Fortunately, things are starting to turn around now, and as the old ways of industry are crumbling, we are seeing an adoption by the wholesale industry of new technology, like the internet – and hey, it’s new to them!

In the meantime, to find wholesale suppliers, look for industry-relevant networking events. Look for networking events in your local area. Speak to as many people as you can. Eventually, it will lead to the right door. Good luck!

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